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Chargers Injury: Trey Pipkins down in the 4th vs the Falcons

Right Tackle Trey Pipkins out with an injury in the 4th quarter

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While the Chargers try to mount a 4th quarter comeback, right tackle Trey Pipkins has gone down with an injury and is out of the game.

This means that during this extremely important drive to try and win the game and keep the season hopes alive, Storm Norton has to come into the game. Last time Storm came into a game for Pipkins things got very scary in the backfield for Justin Herbert. He is just not able to play at the level of an NFL tackle right now.

The game is almost over so Storm won’t have to play very long, but it’s a tie game and the Chargers are trying to go score, while killing some clock, so they can secure a victory. This is not when you want to have to rely on Norton to come in and play. Hopefully he can do enough for the Chargers to go win this game.