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Chargers Final Score: Chargers 20, Falcons 17

Chargers improve to 5-3 beating the Falcons on the road.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers had a tough task being on the road and with an extremely depleted wide receiver group and it showed. They started the game by going down by double digit points in the 1st quarter for the 4th game in a row as the offense failed to get a 1st down on their two drives in the 1st, while the defense got run all over by the Falcons rushing attack.

The Chargers battled back and actually went into halftime with the lead after the defense found a way to force a few punts while the offense looked a bit like their old selves with a couple quick, efficient drives.

The third quarter was also a familiar sight as the Chargers gave up another score and didn’t do much of anything with the ball themselves.

In the 4th, the Chargers were able to tie up the game with about 5 minutes left. The defense was able to force a 3 and out, thanks in part to a bad pass from Marcus Mariota who had Kyle Pitts open deep after beating both safeties.

The Chargers get the ball back with 4 minutes and change and need to go make a game winning drive to complete the comeback. They are able to get a bit of yardage but then Trey Pipkins goes down with an injury. This means they now have to kill a few minutes of clock, while going a majority of the field, with Storm Norton coming in at right tackle.

Herbert made a couple of great throws to get the Chargers down inside the 30 with under a minute left, and burning the Falcons’ remaining time outs. Trying to run the ball to get a few extra yards and kill the rest of the clock, Austin Ekeler fumbles the ball. However, on the return, the Falcons fumble the ball back to the Chargers, but they are now out of field goal range all the way back to the 43. However Justin Herbert in 1 play gets it all back, hooking up with Josh Palmer for a 23 yard pass back to the 20 yard line.

This time the final run play to burn the clock down to nothing does not turn the ball over and the 3rd Chargers Kicker of the season, Cameron Dicker, has a chance to win the game. He makes it! Chargers win!