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Breaking down the Chargers-Raiders rivalry by the numbers

The third and final of three rivalry pieces on the Chargers and their division rivals.

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

To wrap up the series looking at the Chargers’ division rivalries by the numbers, we have the Raiders, and it happens to be Raiders week as well. This is a long and heated rivalry with games going all the way back to 1960. The Raiders still hold the all-time series record, but the Chargers have some outstanding individual performances versus these hated rivals over the years.

Head-to-head matchups

All time series record: Raiders lead 67 - 57 - 2

The Raiders lead the overall matchup vs the Chargers by 10 games as they dominated their matchups vs the Chargers in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. The Chargers are starting to gain some ground however after winning more of the matchups in the 2000s, splitting evenly in the 2010s and are currently up three games to 2 in the 2020s.

Postseason record: Raiders 1 - Chargers 0

The Raiders and Chargers have only met once in the postseason, in 1981, when the Raiders beat the Chargers 34-27.

Longest win streaks per team: Raiders 10, Chargers 13

The Raiders won 10 games in a row from 1972-1977, though that was part of a run of no losses to the Chargers that ran 18 games from 1968-1977 with two ties to break up the wins. The Chargers meanwhile put together a massive 13-game streak from 2003-2009, going 6.5 seasons without losing a game to the Raiders.

Largest margin of victory per team: Raiders 51-10 (1967) Chargers 44-0 (1961)

The Chargers and Raiders have had a lot of close games throughout their history, but there have been a few blowouts deeper into their past. In 1967, the Raiders put up a 50-burger on the Chargers in a 51-10 stomping giving them a 41-point margin of victory. The Chargers have put up big points on the Raiders as well, having eclipsed the 50-point mark twice against the Raiders. Their largest margin of victory was a 44-0 shutout in the third ever meeting between the two teams back in 1961.

Player stats:

Series leaders vs. each other

Passing yards: Carr - 3,511, Rivers - 7,103

Derek Carr is the all-time passing leader for the Raiders against the Chargers, having thrown for 3,511 yards in games against the Bolts. Unsurprisingly, Philip Rivers is the passing leader for the Chargers vs. the Raiders with 7,103 yards. Justin Herbert has only played five games against the Raiders but is already at 1,524 passing yards.

Rushing: Marcus Allen - 1,235, LaDainian Tomlinson - 2,017

The Raiders’ leading rusher against the Chargers is Marcus Allen, who accumulated 1,235 yards on the ground in his games against the Bolts. And again, what should be no surprise to anyone is that LaDainian Tomlinson has the record for the most rushing yards by a Charger against the Raiders all time, rushing for 2,017 yards against the Raiders over his career with the Chargers.

Receiving yards: Tim Brown - 1,697, Antonio Gates - 1,424

Hall of Fame WR Tim Brown has the most receiving yards as a Raider vs the Chargers with a whopping 1,697 receiving yards. For the Chargers it’s the GOAT TE again, Antonio Gates, who leads the Chargers in receiving yards vs the Raiders with 1,424.

TDs: LaDainian Tomlinson - 25, Marcus Allen - 20

LT has the most TDs as a Charger all time versus the Raiders with 25, including the TD to set the record for most rushing TDs in a single season. The Raiders meanwhile have Marcus Allen, who scored 20 on the Chargers during his career.