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Chargers fans are not very confident in Tom Telesco as GM

Fans also believed Brandon Staley’s seat was getting hot prior to win over Cardinals.

NFL Combine - Day 1

With the holiday weekend, we didn’t quite get to posting the results from last week’s SB Nation Reacts poll (presented by DraftKings Sportsbook) but I thought you’d all still like to see the results anyway.

After two minor increases in confidence following both the win over the Falcons and the loss to the 49ers, participants saw their confidence level drop down to 20 percent following the narrow loss to the Chiefs.

For the first of the two additional weekly questions, I asked you all how hot you believe Brandon Staley’s seat was following the team’s second consecutive loss which dropped them back to .500 on the season.

Over 39 percent agreed that Staley’s seat was “hot” while 27 percent 26 percent said his seat was “a little hot” and “very hot”, respectively. Following the team’s comeback victory over the Cardinals on Sunday, I’m sure some of these numbers would certainly change if we were to ask this question again this week.

Lastly, I wanted to know how confident you all are right now in Tom Telesco as the general manager. Our results showed that 42 percent of participants said they were not very confident in TT while 41 percent said they were not confident at all.

Will he survive the offseason if the Chargers don’t make the postseason? Will Staley? The final six games of the season could be quite pivotal to both of their careers.