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Chargers vs. Cardinals Week 12 Podcast Recap: Two-point conversion FTW

Garrett and Jamie recap the Chargers game AFTER HOURS.

Garrett and Jamie recap the Chargers win over the Arizona Cardinals on the Lightning Round Podcast: After Hours. They live streamed their reactions regarding how the Chargers lost and some of the major turning points in the game.

Defensively the Chargers got ran over to start the game with the Cardinals rushing for 72 yards in just the first quarter. Arizona jumped out to a quick 10-0 lead off a 33-yard Kyler Murray dart over the middle to DeAndre Hopkins who caught it and shrugged off a poor tackle attempt from rookie free safety JT Woods. While they later gave up touchdowns to James Connor through the air and Kyler Murray on the ground, they were able to clamp down late to give the offense a chance to win it late forcing three 3-and-outs to end the game.

Offensively, Justin Herbert and company got off to another slow start gaining only 11 yards on 12 plays resulting in three straight punts. On their next three possessions (not including the kneel down going into halftime) the Chargers scored seventeen points and won the third quarter 3-0. It all came down to some Justin Herbert magic who orchestrated a seven play, 38 yard drive capped off by a Austin Ekeler touchdown pass. Brandon Staley reverted back to his aggressive coaching tactics and went for the two-point conversion to win the game on the road in Arizona.

That and more is all on the Lightning Round Podcast: After Hours!

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