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Chargers given ‘B-’ in primetime loss to Chiefs

The Bolts put up a respectable fight against one of the NFL’s best.

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Last Sunday night, the Chargers were given a C+ for their effort against the 49ers. That grade was docked mainly due to a disappearing offense that couldn’t find its stride for the final 30 minutes of regulation against a top defense.

This week in primetime, the offense made a bit more noise, but still went missing during the third quarter. Some questionable decisions by the coaching staff in several key moments also proved to be costly in the end.

However, their overall performance was much more balanced and again, they came ever so close to beating the Chiefs (I know, I’m tired of typing that sentence out, as well).

The Chargers’ efforts earned them a B- this week from CBS Sports NFL analyst John Breech in his weekly letter grade piece.

“Whenever the Chargers lose, they seem to do it in the most painful way possible and you can go ahead and add this game to that list,” says Breech. “Justin Herbert led the Chargers to a go-ahead TD in the final two minutes, but the defense couldn’t stop Patrick Mahomes, which ended up being the story of the second half for the Chargers. The Chargers didn’t force a single punt in the second half and their inability to slow down the Chiefs offense (or stop Travis Kelce) ended up being their doom. The Chargers continue to play second fiddle in a division that is going to be almost impossible for them to win now that they’ve been swept by the Chiefs.”

Yes, Mr. Breech, this one was painful. Somehow each one gets a bit more sharp than the last.

It’s just unfortunate that, while the games are still incredibly entertaining from an unbiased standpoint, the script continues to be the same for both fan bases. One side knows their team will come back and win in the end. The other knows they’ll inevitably fall in the end and there’s just nothing that can be done about it.

Guess which we’re all on?