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Nasir Adderley questionable to return in the 4th vs the Chiefs

Safety Nasir Adderley leaves with an injury vs the Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Safety Nasir Adderley left after the 1st play in the 4th quarter with a thumb injury.

Adderley reportedly left the field and immediately left for the locker room to get xrays which is never a good sign.

Alohi Gilman will replace Adderley which means that rookie J.T. Woods will likely a good amount of snaps for the rest of the quarter as they move Derwin around to try and create extra pressure or man up on Travis Kelce.

Adderley is not likely to return in the game with how little time is left and with going into the locker room for xrays like that. With how cautious the team is with injuries, they’ll shut him down for the rest of the game.

The Chargers are really pushing the limits of “next man up” at this point. They were already banged up coming into the game and the injuries continue to pile up now.