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Chargers vs. Chiefs Second Half Game Thread

Can the Bolts finally finish off the Chiefs in the second half?

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers will come out of halftime holding a 20-13 lead over the Chiefs on top of receiving the opening kickoff.

Kansas City is currently on a five-game winning streak when trailing at halftime which means the Chargers will have to go above and beyond to make sure they can’t find their footing long enough to get back into this one.

Once the Bolts get through the Chiefs’ scripted plays to begin the half, then the real game begins. The defense has looked good and it certainly helps that Mahomes is without three of his top four wideouts.

Let’s keep our foot on the pedal for the final 30 minutes.

Enjoy the game and we’ll see you all on the other side!