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Chargers fans are indifferent towards the signing of DT Tyeler Davison

Fans also believe the Chargers would be picking in the top-five of next year’s draft without Justin Herbert on their team this season.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Surprisingly, confidence in the Chargers via our participants in this week’s SB Nation Reacts poll actually rose following the team’s 22-16 loss to the 49ers. rose by just one percent...but an increase is an increase!

Maybe it had to do with the improved run defense (allowed under 4.0 yards per carry)? Maybe it had to do with Justin Herbert looking like his old self? The world may never know!

As for the first of our two additional poll questions this week, I asked you all to grade the signing of veteran defensive tackle Tyeler Davison. Exactly 50 percent of participants gave the signing a “C.” The next closest was 22 percent for a “B” and 19 percent for a “D.”

And finally, I asked you all to tell me which record you believe the Chargers would have if Justin Herbert was simply not on the roster or had gotten hurt immediately following the start of the season.

With an overwhelming 72 percent, the majority of those surveyed believe the Chargers would be an abysmal 2-7 on the season entering week 11. The next closest was 3-6 at 22 percent.

I can’t say I disagree with you all on this one! It’d be pretty dang bad!

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