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Chargers vs. 49ers Week 10 Podcast Recap: The offense let the Chargers down

Garrett and Jamie recap the Chargers game AFTER HOURS.

Garrett and Jamie recap the Chargers Sunday night loss over the San Francisco 49ers on the Lightning Round Podcast: After Hours. They live streamed their reactions regarding how the Chargers lost and some of the major turning points in the game.

Defensively the Chargers did an admiral job limiting the 49ers’ top two players makers, Deebo Samuel and George Kittle, to three catches for 45 yards. They also stifled a lot of big plays on the ground that have plagued them all year. The run defense, even being down Christian Covington and Otito Ogbonnia, held Elijah Mitchell under 85 yards and Christian McCaffrey only averaged 2.7 yards per carry. Most importantly, the Chargers defense gave the team two chances to win at the end of game. It was the offense that lost this one in the end.

Offensively, the Chargers scored zero points in the second half after having a strong start to the game. The guys talk about the play calling from Joe Lombardi and how Justin Herbert has been reliant on the check downs. They also give record predictions for the end of the season and whether or not it has improved since their predictions at the beginning of the year.

Garrett and Jamie finish the pod with what they would do with the team going forward and how to beat the Chiefs next week so the Bolts don’t fall further down the AFC West standings.

That and more is all on the Lightning Round Podcast: After Hours!

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