Head Coach and GM Here is a thought to at least make an attempt to prove Steve Young wrong.

Why dont you make the safety. Mr Woods who cannot tackle worth a darn who has the best speed on the team and could be a Spielmacher. You know thats the reason you reached on him passing a number of productive players on both sides of ball. All I am asking is not to give up on his talents maybe a switch could work. Why dont you split him out wide and have at least one someone run past defense deep and make use of Heberts gorgeous deep ball. At least AJ Smith would try to adjust in mid season and succeed his way to a division championship. This haa nothing to do with race. I have the right as American to hate who i want too and that would be Dean Spanos and Tom Telesco. No division titles in how many years. i think the Commanders have won one in the past decade. Steve Young is right on the money. And that sucks since you fell in love with Air Coryell. Hey Brandon do Do something innovative yet old school like Al Davis and switch that kid wide reciever.

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