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Chargers vs 49ers Preview Podcast: How To Beat the 49ers with Kyle Posey

Garrett and Jamie are joined by Kyle Posey to break down the matchup with the 49ers.

Garrett and Jamie are joined by Kyle Posey for the 300th episode of the Lightning Round Podcast to break down this Sunday night’s matchup against the San Francisco 49ers.

They kick off the show by giving some context on why Jerry Tillery got released, where both parties had a major disagreement on the role in the Chargers defense and how it ultimately ended with Tillery being cut.

Kyle Posey joins the show and talks about some players returning from injury this week for the 49ers and how that helps San Francisco coming out of a bye. They discuss Kyle Shanahan’s quick paced offense, how he’s helping Jimmy Garoppolo take control of the offense, some weakness’ on the San Francisco offensive line, especially on the right side and unleashing Christian McCaffrey Sunday night.

Defensively, there is a discussion about the 49ers run defense, Fred Warner’s impressive season and how Nick Bosa is going to be real tough to stop. Kyle gives ways the Chargers could attack the 49ers on defense and how the Chargers can stop the 49ers on offense. Garrett, Jamie and Kyle each give their prediction on who they believe will win in primetime and what they think the final score will be at the end. They finish off the show by rehashing some of Kyle Posey’s hot takes touching on topics ranging from NFL draft opinions, Beyonce and Pixar movies.

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