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Final Score: Chargers 23, Seahawks 37: Bolts get blown out in ugly loss at home

The LA Chargers’ loss to the Seattle Seahawks was bad from top to bottom

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Chargers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

In a season where the Los Angeles Chargers have had a few ugly games so far, this one is easily the ugliest. The Seattle Seahawks dominated the game from start to finish.

Brandon Staley and Joe Lombardi’s game plan, and whatever adjustments they made, were flat out terrible. On top of that, almost none of the players on the field performed well throughout the game.

Herbert played much worse than his stat line shows. He was making poorly thrown passes and bad decisions all game. He looks gun shy and I’m starting to think it’s not just the lingering injury. He does not look comfortable in the offense right now and does not look close to the same QB that won rookie of the year.

The team also got banged up and are looking at the bye week with a lot of relief right now. However, I don’t think the bye is going to help with the biggest injuries from today: cornerback J.C. Jackson and wide receiver Mike Williams. Both Jackson and Mike Williams wound up getting carted off. Jackson was put in an air cast and was visibly crying on the cart, where as Mike Dub could not put any weight on the injured leg and was quickly carted off after being helped into the blue tent.

If the Chargers want any hope of competing the rest of the season, some things are going to have to drastically change during this bye week. Scheme level changes need to happen, they might need to make a trade for a WR, they might want to consider an offensive coaching change, and the team needs to take a look in the mirror.