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J.C. Jackson carted off the field with non-contact knee injury

Jackson immediately called for trainers after falling to the ground.

Los Angeles Chargers v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

With the first half winding down, the Seahawks drove into Chargers territory up 17-14. Geno Smith dropped back and threw a fade to Marquise Goodwin up the left sideline with J.C. Jackson in coverage.

As Goodwin elevated to snag the pass for a touchdown, Jackson attempted to do the same but failed to get very far off the ground before hitting the deck. He immediately began grabbing at his knee and called hastily for the training staff. The broadcast took a lengthy break as trainers tended to Jackson before he was unsurprisingly carted off the field.

We all know how bad non-contact issues have been in recent years and it’s safe to say that Jackson is likely done for the year based on how severe the response was to him going down.

In the second half, expect Michael Davis to start in place of Jackson.