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Chargers Daily Links: Brandon Staley, Keenan Allen got closer after eyebrow-raising tweet

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Good morning, Chargers fans!

Keenan Allen drew the attention of the Chargers fan base with a tweet during Sunday’s game that read “WTF are we doing” which he hit Send on immediately following the failed fourth-down conversion to Mike Williams. Allen’s sentiment was echoed throughout social media and who knows how much controversy it would have continued to stir up had Cade York not missed his game-winning 54-yard field goal.

But when the Chargers walked away victorious, the stress and frustration of that moment quickly faded as everyone decided it was best to lean into that winning as opposed to lingering on the decision any longer.

On Monday, Brandon Staley was asked about the tweet and whether or not he had a chance to speak to Allen that morning:

“We met this morning. Anyone that’s been a part of competition knows that when you’re not a part of it, you can feel some type of way. Keenan’s heart is with me, with us. I’m understanding of where he was in that moment because he’s not with his team or in the fire, that’s a money down that he’s used to being out there ... We’re going to become closer because of it. We already became closer this morning.”

All of that is understandable. Anyone who has competed at anything at a high level understands the feeling of having no control in a situation where you’ve been accustomed to playing a part. The team’s WR1 has yet to play an entire game this season and the more time he misses will surely continue to snowball into greater frustration going forward. But for now, it’s good to know nothing else has come out of Allen tweeting out his frustration while away from the team and *hopefully he won’t have to be stuck in that position much longer.

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