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Breaking down the Chargers-Broncos rivalry by the numbers

The first of three rivalry pieces on the Chargers and their division rivals.

Terrell Davis Broncos

The Los Angeles Chargers have a long history against their division opponents, and as such there is plenty of data to have some interesting statistics to dig through and highlight in the long series of matchups between the Chargers and these three teams.

We are going to be looking at all three divisional rivals, but we are going to start with the Denver Broncos.

Head-to-head matchups

All time series record: Broncos lead 70 - 54 - 1

The Broncos lead the overall matchup vs the Chargers by a healthy margin and have been increasing that lead recently, winning three of the last five and six of the last 10 matchups.

Postseason record: Broncos 1 - Chargers 0

The Broncos and Chargers have only met once in the postseason, in 2014, when the Broncos beat the Chargers 24-17.

Longest win streaks per team: Broncos 7, Chargers 6

Both teams at one point have put together win streaks of at least 3 seasons but those streaks were decades ago, the Broncos streak taking place from 1975-1978 and the Chargers streak taking place from 1963 -1966.

Largest Margin of Victory per team: Broncos 38-3 (1997) Chargers 41-3 (2007)

The Broncos put on a dominant performance in 1997 when they beat the Chargers 38-3, a 35 point margin of victory. 10 years later the Chargers returned the favor with a 38 point margin of victory on their way to a 41-3 win.

Player stats:

28 players have played for both teams

Players that played for both the Broncos and Chargers

Stephen Alexander Tight end 2005–2007 2002–2003
Stephen Alexander Tight end 2005–2007 2002–2003
Jeremiah Attaochu Linebacker 2019–present 2014–2017
David Binn Long snapper 2011 (one game) 1994–2010
Marco Coleman Defensive end 2004–2005 1996–1998
David Diaz-Infante Center/Guard 1996–1998 1987
Dedrick Dodge Safety 1997 1998
Orlando Franklin Guard 2011–2014 2015–2016
Melvin Gordon Running back 2020–present 2015–2019
Virgil Green Tight end 2011–2017 2018–present
Chris Harris, Jr. Cornerback 2011–2019 2020–present
Jacob Hester Fullback 2012 2008–2011
Quentin Jammer Cornerback/Safety 2013 2002–2012
Marlon McCree Safety 2008 2006–2007
Anthony Miller Wide receiver 1994–1996 1988–1993
Russell Okung Offensive tackle 2016 2017–present
Shaun Phillips Defensive end 2013 2004–2012
Adrian Robinson Linebacker 2013 (six games) 2013 (three games)
Dante Rosario Tight end 2011 2012
Eddie Royal Wide receiver/Return specialist 2008–2011 2012–2014
Neil Smith Defensive end 1997–1999 2000
Jimmy Spencer Cornerback 2000–2003[a] 1998–1999
Harry Swayne Offensive tackle 1997–1998 1991–1996
Maa Tanuvasa Defensive tackle 1995–2000 2001
Mitch Unrein Defensive tackle 2011–2014 2015
Louis Vasquez Guard 2013–2015 2009–2012
J. D. Walton Center 2010–2013 2015
Wes Welker Wide receiver/Return specialist 2013–2014 2004 (one game)
Jamal Williams Nose tackle 2010 1998–2009

Series leaders vs. each other

Passing yards: Elway - 6,548, Rivers - 6,732

John Elway still holds the title for most passing yards by a Broncos QB vs the Chargers all time. Philip Rivers managed to pass Dan Fouts however and is the all-time passing leader for the Chargers vs. the Broncos.

Rushing: Floyd Little - 843, Tomlison - 1,487

Floyd Little has the most rushing yards vs the Chargers for a Broncos player all time, which is somewhat of a surprise with how many great rushers the Broncos have had. Less surprising, Ladainian Tomlinson has the record for most rushing yards by a Charger against the Broncos all time.

Receiving yards: Rod Smith - 1,400, Charlie Joiner - 1,324

The Chargers’ receiving leader vs the Broncos comes from the Dan Fouts era in Charlie Joiner. The Broncos record is slightly more modern with Rod Smith leading the way.

TDs: Shannon Sharpe 13, LT 20

Touchdowns is lead by Tight End Shannon Sharpe for the Broncos, while prolific scorer LT has the record for the Chargers.

Non-statistical highlights

Coldest game between the two teams: December 10, 1972 at Denver 0 degrees F.

This game was the coldest at kick off between the two teams, however during the 2004 blizzard in Denver, a game that started at 20 degrees at kickoff, with 14” of snow on the ground, deteriorated over the course of the game and by the 4th quarter the wind chill was -23 degrees (and 3 more inches of snow).