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Chargers vs. Raiders Second Half Game Thread

Refs having too much power in a pivotal division game? Sounds par for the course.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers are three plays away from having a double-digit lead at the half against the Raiders with them getting the ball back on the other side.

1.) If Kenneth Murray doesn’t lose Foster Moreau in coverage, they don’t kick a field goal on the first drive.

2.) If Andre Roberts does what a veteran kick returner should do and not dance too much, they don’t likely score the first touchdown of the game.

3.) If Chris Harris maintains his veteran awareness and refrains from grabbing a receiver inside the end zone, the Raiders do not score to end the half.

It’s just been that type of game since the first whistle and it’s got all the makings of another devastating loss where the Chargers lose not because their opponent was the better team, but that they couldn’t handle the pressure of higher expectations.

They better find a way to pull their heads out of the gutter and play up to the standard they have set for themselves or else this is their final game of the season.

I hope they make the right choice.