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The Lightning Round Podcast #216: Training Camp – Defense

Garrett Sisti and Jamie Hoyle are back to cover more Training Camp position battles.

In the first part of this series Garrett and Jamie cover the Training Camp battles on the Chargers Offense and Special Teams . Now the Lightning Round Podcast flips to the other side of the ball and talk about the Defense. The groups mentioned are:

  • Interior Defensive Line
  • Edge Rushers
  • Linebackers
  • Cornerbacks
  • Safeties

The guys cover the competitions on Defense giving insight on the depth chart and some interesting battles that will play out into the preseason. The guys also give you some names to watch for, some players that could be on the bubble as well as some possible cuts.

*Podcasting note: This show was recorded before the Chargers signed CB KJ Sails and DT Chris Okoye.