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The Lightning Round Podcast LIVE 53-Man Roster Reaction

Garrett and Jamie are gonna go live to react to the Chargers 53-man roster

The 53-man roster deadline is today at 1pm PST and the Lightning Round Podcast will go live react to the Chargers final roster at 1:30pm PST. Today the important offseason questions will be answered.

  • How many quarterbacks will the team keep?
  • Which receivers make the team?
  • How many running back will the team carry?
  • Will Trey Pipkins get cut?
  • Which interior defensive lineman stay on the team?
  • Which cornerbacks make it?
  • Does the team keep a fullback?

The Podcast:

The Youtube stream is embeded and a podcast of the stream will be posted later:

The stream will be live on the Lightning Podcast Youtube page, the Lightning Round Podcast Twitter account and the Bolts from the Blue Facebook page.