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The Lightning Round Podcast LIVE 53-Man Roster Predictions - Sunday at 11am PST

Garrett and Jamie are gonna go live to predict the Chargers 53-man roster

The Chargers play their final preseason game this Saturday vs. the Seattle Seahawks, with cuts looming Garrett and Jamie will go live to predict who they think the Chargers will keep on their final roster. They will talk about all the important headlines like how many quarterbacks they think the team will keep, how many receivers and if Trey Pipkins makes the cut. There is a battle going on with the interior defensive lineman, will one of those guys make a case for keeping on the 53-man roster? Which cornerbacks make it? Does the team keep a fullback? All those questions will be answered and more.

WHEN: Sunday, August 29th, 11am PST.

The stream will be live on the Lightning Podcast Youtube page, the Lightning Round Podcast Twitter account and the Bolts from the Blue Facebook page.

Follow or subscribe to those channels or check back here with the video that is embeded below: