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Chargers Discussion Thread: Tailgating Plans

Who of you are going to live it up in the lots this year?

Los Angeles Chargers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

I love tailgating, man. The pure benevolence of hanging out with your closest friends and family all while coming together to celebrate and cheer on your favorite team is a tough high to beat.

For both Chargers and Rams fans, the pandemic stopped them from enjoying such an experience in 2020. But with things opening up and tailgating once again being allowed, fans will flock from far and wide to experience all that SoFi Stadium and the surrounding area have to offer.

I have yet to make it to Sofi Stadium myself. It’s been a pain to live halfway across the country but I fully plan to make it out there sometime this season.

But on another note, I heard one of the Die Hard Bolt Clubs would be setting up their “Thunder Alley” for the first time this Sunday prior to the exhibition against the 49ers. With that in mind, if you do plan on attending games and tailgating, I want to hear about your current plans to do so.

I’m aware that all tailgating is being relegated to the “Pink Zone” only, but that’s better than nothing at all. Does anyone have any sick plans or maybe a really cool tailgating setup that they cannot wait to execute? I’d seriously love to hear anything and everything you guys have planned.

If any of you have particularly interesting plans, they may find themselves into an article I’m writing on the matter that should be out later this month.

So go ahead and let me know everything you all go going on this season. I’m looking forward to it.