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Chargers, Rams fans involved in SoFi Stadium brawl to be banned

Well, well, well, if it’s not the consequences of my actions.

Rams vs Chargers at SoFi Stadium, CA.

Can you just imagine, for one second, that you’re a fan of either the Chargers or the Rams and after waiting for years to get into a game at SoFi Stadium you get banned from ever attending events again after just one, meaningless preseason game?

Well, that’s the reality for a group of people who couldn’t handle themselves during the Bolts’ 13-6 victory over the crosstown Rams this past Saturday.

In an official statement put out by Sofi Stadium management, the fans involved “have been identified, and (they) will be banned from attending events at SoFi Stadium.”

Portions of the brawl were caught from various angles thanks to a number of surrounding patrons. One particular video was fortunately able to catch the presumed catalyst to the eruption. Very clearly, a woman standing behind the apparent group of men involved felt the need to chuck an entire large soda at the other side just as they were turning around.

Thanks to alcohol’s bad habit of limiting brain cell activity, no thoughts were had before punches started flying.

It’s certainly unfortunate that this entire event was almost avoided, but sports fans are crazy and some just can’t have nice things.

After half a decade of waiting to watch a game inside the new stadium, these fans will have to be content with never attending anything inside this architectural marvel ever again.