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Justin Herbert cracks the top-15 quarterbacks in Madden 22

Fine, but could be better.

Los Angeles Chargers: day two of training camp for the 2021 season Photo by Mark Rightmire/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images

Earlier today the people behind Madden 22 unveiled the overall ratings for the game’s top-10 quarterbacks with the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes coming in at a 99 overall, the highest rating attainable.

Right away, Chargers fans may have had their hopes dashed when they realized that Justin Herbert, last year’s NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, was not included in the group.

Not the most surprising but alas, he’s had just one year as a professional. Later in the day, the overall ratings for the quarterbacks ranked 11th through 20th were unveiled and, unsurprisingly, Herbert was included at 15th with a rating of 80.

He landed one spot ahead of the Vikings’ Kirk Cousins and just behind the Raiders’ Derek Carr. (Oh, come on.) Kyler Murray, the 2019 Offensive Rookie of the Year was rated an 82.

Right off the bat, I disagree with Carr ahead of Herbert, but it’s tough to make a case above guys like Murray and Matthew Stafford. Baker Mayfield saw improved play in 2020 but wasn’t all that special in 2019. As things stand, I think Herbert is just one good year away from being among the game’s top passers, and unfortunately that means we’ll have to take the “wait-and-see” approach to see how his performance this season affects his overall rating.