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Chargers Daily Links: Jared Cook fails to make top-10 TEs list

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NFL: Los Angeles Chargers OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers got a new starting tight end in Jared Cook following the loss of Hunter Henry in free agency. Everyone knew it wasn’t necessarily going to be a even trade of talent, but some would argue Cook has been the more-productive player over the past two to three seasons.

However, if ESPN’s latest top-10 tight end rankings are of any significance, the drop in talent between the two is bigger than we currently believe.

Former Bolts tight end Hunter Henry came in at seventh while Cook was left completely off the rankings, including the group of “honorable mention” players. While Henry has roughly 50 more yards receiving over the past two campaigns, Cook has scored seven more touchdowns. If you’re any team in the NFL, you’d take those touchdowns every time.

At any rate, one is young and still entering his prime while the other is somehow in his prime while also being way over the hump. It’s quite a marvel when you think about it, but you won’t find Chargers fans complaining if it continues.

Thoughts on these rankings? Agree or disagree?

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