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NFL to allow alternate helmets in 2022, opening door for future throwback jerseys

The league takes another step into the future.

Arizona Cardinals v San Diego Chargers

This past Thursday, the NFL approved the use of alternate helmets starting in 2022. This is amazing news because it deals away with the major inconvenience of the “one-helmet rule” that the NFL currently has in place. The rule forced NFL teams to get special permission to ever use a secondary helmet for a special throwback that they scheduled to wear that season. Now, clubs can can utilize even more jersey combinations and even invite the throwbacks into the lineup on a more frequent basis.

This doesn’t necessarily affect the Chargers all that much, but it officially means the team can rock the old navy helmets as part of their new navy alternate uniforms that debuted with the rest of the kits last April.

Some of the more popular throwbacks from around the NFL that we may see in 2022 include the orange creamsicle throwbacks of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the forest green throwbacks of the Philadelphia Eagles, and the maybe even the old silver helmets of the Seattle Seahawks.

This news comes not too long after the league also approved the expansion of jersey numbers for specific positions. Just this offseason alone, the NFL has taken major strides in moving the game forward in terms of being fresh, new, and fun. All of which are things any sport should invest in, in my opinion.