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Despite plenty of attention, are the Chargers still underrated?

How much can the league still sleep on a team like this?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Network’s Omar Ruiz has been a pretty big advocate for the Chargers this offseason. He’s often in the media calls with the rest of the team beat writers to hear from the likes of Brandon Staley and the players as we all wait for this summer to tick down to the upcoming regular season.

In a recent appearance on the network, Ruiz was joined by former Packers wideout James Jones and insider Mike Garafolo to discuss which teams in the NFL right now are underrated heading into the 2021 campaign. After Jones made a case for the Broncos and their surprising defense (with Von Miller returning from injury), and Garafolo debated the Giants, Ruiz was quick to note that if Miller’s return makes the Broncos underrated, then the Chargers should also be considered in the same group with the long-awaited return of Derwin James.

He goes on to note that Brandon Staley’s success with both Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald could parlay into some success with similar players in James and Joey Bosa. Each tandem includes an elite defensive back and pass-rusher, so of course you’d like to think the plans for each pair shouldn’t be all that far away from each other.

Finally, Ruiz couldn’t stop himself from mentioning the obvious: the sophomore season of Justin Herbert where he’s only expected to be better despite having to learn a new offense under Joe Lombardi.

To be fair, a lot of these talkings points have been making their way around NFL media circles for what seems like the entire offseason. I know it’s only early June, but with numerous outlets discussing the Chargers and their sky-high potential this offseason, does that still make them an underrated team? Right now, it seems like everyone and their mom expects something incredible from the franchise this season and I certainly those expectations become reality.