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Matt Feiler named most-underrated player on the Chargers

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The Chargers made Matt Feiler their second notable free agent signing earlier this year following the big-time contract they handed out to center Corey Linsley. Adding two starting offensive linemen to begin the new league year was the best thing the Bolts could have done to send a clear signal to the fan base that they were done messing around with the position. With a young, up-and-coming quarterback under, there was no better time than to push all their chips in for his protection.

While not a household name, Feiler is was an underrated part of a Steelers offensive line that saw him play an entire season at both right tackle and left guard prior to signing with Los Angeles. That versatility is valuable and it doesn’t hurt that’s he’s also a massive blocker at 6’6 and 330 pounds.

In a recent article post over at Pro Football Focus, author Sam Monson listed one player for all 32 teams that he deems the most-underrated. Of course, that player for the Bolts was Feiler.

Here’s what Monson had to say regarding the first-year Charger:

“The Chargers have thoroughly revamped their offensive line over the offseason, but one of the best value moves was bringing in Matt Feiler from Pittsburgh. Feiler has played above-average football at both guard and tackle for the Steelers, and while he may be a better tackle, he should be a guaranteed upgrade for the team and solidify at least one position on the line while providing contingency against injuries elsewhere.”

I actually would have believed Feiler to be the better guard than he was a tackle due to an underwhelming athletic profile, but hearing that it’s actually the other way around makes me believe there’s hope that Feiler could be the eventual replacement for Bulaga on the edge meaning the Bolts would only need to find another starting guard — a position of lesser value — than another tackle.

His signing really gives the Chargers some much-needed flexibility up front that won’t come at the cost of talent. This team has had plenty of lineman who technically could play multiple positions over the years, but it usually didn’t end well when they were forced into that position. Feiler is the real deal and I’m stoked to see how he contributes to this offense on day one.