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Joey Bosa talks meditation, therapy in Mental Health Awareness Month video

“Take care of your mentals.” - Marshawn Lynch

NFL: New England Patriots at Los Angeles Chargers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

May is Mental Awareness Month in the NFL and the league is partnering up with a group players to share their stories and journeys regarding their own personal ups and downs regarding their own mental health.

Some of the notable players taking part in the league’s latest initiative include Falcons tight end Hayden Hurst, Buccaneers offensive guard Ali Marpet, and the Chargers’ very own Joey Bosa. Each player was recorded discussing their experiences in fighting the battle for their own mental health while also juggling the demanding lifestyle of playing in the NFL.

On Tuesday, the NFL released Bosa’s video where the Big Bear touches on his personal struggles with depression stemming from injuries and his own high expectations for himself, and how taking the plunge to go see a therapist has paid off over the past few years.

Bosa acknowledges that he spent too long being someone who took his negative feelings out on others and when he was finally able to take a step back and look at himself, he decided he no longer wanted to be that type of person and he was going to take the actions needed to become the person he wanted to be.

Thanks to some gentle prodding by his mother, Bosa decided to give the therapist a shot and he hasn’t looked back. He still sees the therapist once a week and now utilizes meditation every morning.

For those who want to watch the entire two-minute video with Bosa, you can below.