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Chargers to play 6 games against playoff teams in 2021

Could be worse!

Divisional Round - Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

The NFL has already teased that they will be announcing the 2021 schedules for every team this Wednesday. It’s an odd event for them to hype up as much as they are considering every team knows exactly who they will be playing, but there’s something about finding out the exact order in which they will play that is getting people up in a tizzy.

At the same time, it’s become somewhat fan-favorite event as each team’s social media teams attempt to devise the most-entertaining way to unveil their schedule to their fans. The Chargers have objectively had one of the best social media teams in the league over the past two years which means that the fan base is looking forward to what should be a hilarious reveal.

Ahead of tomorrow’s schedule release, I thought I’d take one more look at the list of 2021 opponent’s and see how that schedule looks to shape up. One thing I noted was that the Chargers play just six games against teams that made the playoffs in 2020. Now the actual number of different teams they will play who made the postseason will be five, but of course the Bolts must face the Chiefs twice in the division.

The majority of the other teams the Chargers must go through in 2021 include the trio of playoff teams from the AFC North in the Ravens, Steelers, and Browns. All very notable opponents. The final playoff team on their schedule is the Washington Football Team. It could be argued that calling WFT a playoff team from a year ago is a stretch since they did play in the NFC “Least” and finished the regular season under .500 at 7-9, but they look to be a much-improved team this year after drafting very well in April.

Overall, the combined record for all of the playoff teams they will play in 2021 is 55-25. If you take out the obvious outlier in WFT, you get a record of 48-16.

If the Chargers somehow do the once-impossible task of making it to the Super Bowl being hosted at their home stadium, no one can say they didn’t earn it. The Chiefs, despite blowing up their offensive line, look like they will be the same old dangerous group once again while the Broncos also got objectively better this offseason. After the Raiders imploded their offensive line — the team’s one and only strong unit — it’s tough to see them make much noise, but they’re always a thorn in the Chargers’ side, regardless.

How are you all feeling about 2021’s group of opponent’s ahead of tomorrow’s schedule reveal? Anyone have a sinking feeling there will be a tough gauntlet of games early in the year in the same manner as 2020’s first five weeks? Let me know.