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Would you believe it, we got a lineman!

Good vibes all around for Rashawn Slater

Iowa v Northwestern Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The Chargers did the good and smart thing and took Rashawn Slater, an offensive lineman, with their first-round pick. This seemed like a no-brainer pick after Slater, the second-best lineman on the board after Penei Sewell. It’s no surprise that the general consensus is the Chargers nailed this selection.

With any luck, this is the start of a very long and fruitful relationship between Slater and Justin Herbert. On the NFL Network Draft show, when Slater was asked if he can protect Herbert, he had a one-word answer: “Absolutely.”

Here’s Slater against last year’s No. 2 overall pick, Chase Young.

Sometimes, a pick makes perfect sense.

Slater’s mom already looks good in the powder blue. That bolt necklace is also an excellent choice.

And the fans are stoked. What a delightful moment to have Slater fall to the Chargers, and for Tom Telesco and Co. to get the job done.