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William Hill releases projected NFL win totals

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

On Friday morning, the fine folks over at William Hill Sports Book released their opening projections for each team’s win totals for the 2021 season. For the Chargers, their over/under is set at nine wins, a two-point improvement from their final record in 2020.

The team with the highest opening win projection is, unsurprisingly, the Chiefs at 12. They’re followed by the reigning Super Bowl champion Buccaneers at 11.5 and then the Packers and Ravens round out the top-three at 11 wins.

Your lowest projections come from the Lions and Texans, both of whom are expected to finish around five wins.

As for the rest of the AFC West, the Broncos come in at the bottom of the division with a projection of 7.5 wins while the Raiders just ahead with eight.

Check out the entire slate of projections in the tweet below.

How are we feeling about these projections? With 17 games in 2021, nine wins would give the Chargers a 9-8 record. Since no teams can finish .500, you’re either just over or under. My gut says they finish with more than nine victories, but I’m trying to keep my optimism reserved a bit longer, at least until after the draft!