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Justin Herbert opens with 7th-best odds to win 2021 NFL MVP

This shouldn’t be surprising for the reigning 2020 Offensive Rookie of the Year.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday morning, the fine folks of released their opening odds on who will win the 2021 NFL MVP. A lot of the expected names are at the top, including Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Aaron Rodgers, but the Chargers fan base will be happy to know that their second-year standout, 2020 Offensive Rookie of the Year, Justin Herbert, cracked the top-11 players, tying with both Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson at 22/1 for the seventh-best odds to take home the honor.

Mahomes is your runaway favorite with 5/1 odds while Aaron Rodgers comes in second at 9/1 and Josh Allen rounds out the top-three with 10/1 odds. Reigning Super Bowl champion Tom Brady comes in tied with Kyler Murray for the fifth-best odds at 16/1 while Dak Prescott bounces back from injury with 18/1 odds. Unsurprisingly, the entire top-11 features nothing but quarterbacks.

If you’re curious on non-QBs, the first to appear on the list is running back Derrick Henry who opens with 40/1 odds. Christian McCaffrey is close behind him at 50/1. Davante Adams is the first represented wideout at 110/1 while the highest-placed 2021 rookie is quarterback Trevor Lawrence at 66/1.

Here are the top-11 players in order:

Patrick Mahomes - 5/1
Aaron Rodgers - 9/1
Josh Allen - 10/1
Lamar Jackson - 14/1
Matthew Stafford - 14/1
Kyler Murray - 16/1
Tom Brady - 16/1
Dak Prescott - 18/1
Deshaun Watson - 22/1
Justin Herbert - 22/1
Russell Wilson - 22/1