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Chargers add 97th pick with 2021 comp picks finalized

The Bolts’ extra selection in the third will be two spots hire than projected.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers Scrimmage Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday afternoon, the NFL officially announced the full list of official compensatory picks all qualifying teams in the 2021 NFL Draft and the Chargers will see their second of two picks in the third round come in at No. 97 overall.

This is a bit of a plus for the Bolts as most mock drafts that were forecasting the first three rounds of the draft had the Chargers picking at No. 99.

Overall, the Cowboys received the most compensatory picks this year with four: an additional third, fourth, fifth, and sixth. The cross-town Rams are also up near the top with three picks, including two in the third round that stemmed from the league’s new minority hiring incentives after the Lions hired Brad Holmes to be the franchise’s new general manager.

The Chiefs are the only other member of the AFC West who will receive a comp pick (fourth) this year.