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Chargers to carry over $8 million of cap space into 2021

The Bolts carry over the 15th-highest total in cap space from 2020.

NFL Combine - Day 1

This past week, the NFL Player’s Association announced the 2020 cap carryover for each of the 32 franchises and the Chargers are currently bringing over the 15th-most cap space at $8.1 million.

According to the site, the Chargers will have $23,801,246 to work with in 2021. That is the ninth-most in the NFL and their “dead money” of $58,009 is the least in the league. The next-closest team in that regard are the Colts with $237,143.

The league average for carryover is $9.8 million.

As of right now, at the minimum, the salary cap total in 2021 will be $180 million. Again, that is the minimum. With numerous television contracts and other media deals still be be finalized, there’s still a chance that teams will have even more money to work with next season.

Things are looking good for the Chargers to potentially sign one or two notable players once free agency gets started next month. Any additional money only makes that possibility even more realistic. If the team finds themselves in need of even more cash, there are a few players with less-than-ideal contracts that could be cut to open the door even further to making some splash moves this offseason.