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Justin Herbert has a chance to break a pair of Chargers passing records against the Broncos

While ther’re still two games left, Herbert has the chance to break some old records within the old 16-game span.

Los Angeles Chargers v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

In just his second season in the NFL, Justin Herbert has done some incredible things.

Earlier this year, Herbert became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 30 or more touchdowns in each of his first two seasons. He also surpassed Dan Marino’s mark for the most passing yards by an NFL quarterback through their first 32 games, as well.

This year, Herbert’s been slinging it just as much as he was a year ago while seeing his overall numbers increase as he avoided any sort of a sophomore slump. Through 15 games, he’s already thrown for more yards 4,394 and touchdowns (33). With two games left, Herbert has put himself in a position to best some of the franchise’s top passing marks. Since this is the first season in which the NFL is playing 17 regular season games instead of 16, I’m just going to highlight the records he has some relative chance of breaking this week against the Broncos.

The first record in which Herbert has the best chance of breaking this week is Philip Rivers’ single-season touchdown record which stands at 34. Herbert needs just two to best his mark and of course he’ll add on to it with the 17th game. For a quarterback in his second season, it’s quite insane to think he’s about to set the all-time touchdown mark for a franchise with 60+ years of history. He rightfully deserves it and ai have no doubt he’ll reset it several more times as his career progresses.

The next record he’s in reach of is Dan Fouts’ single-season passing yards mark of 4,802. Herbert needs to throw for 409 yards against the Broncos to break it within the 16-game span. Yes, this is HIGHLY unlikely to happen against the NFL’s top-scoring defense, but it’s still possible. With the 17-game schedule, however, it’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that he’ll break it by the end of the regular season.

The all-time record for completion percentage (69.5, Philip Rivers ‘13) was once thought to have been in reach for Herbert this season, but he currently sits with a mark of 67.1. To break the record this week, he’d have to go somewhere in the hemisphere of 45-for-45 to see him percentage rise near 70 percent. Of course, that’s incredibly unrealistic and something we’ll have to look forward to next year.