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Chargers Daily Links: Day After Open Thread

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Something...something....good morning, Chargers fans.

This Monday morning is tough. It’s still pretty hard to ingest last night’s overtime loss knowing just how easily it could have gone the other direction.

For those still not sold on the analytics and Brandon Staley’s aggressive fourth-down approach, I understand. It’s tough to live with the fact that easy points were passed on for a few more. I get it, but it still doesn’t necessarily make it an easy pill to swallow.

But then you recall that it wasn’t so much the calls as it was an execution issue. Drops were a thing. A big, big thing. But how surprised could we be when the Chargers lead the NFL in dropped passes? And if Staley knows that, why is he taking so many fourth-down risks knowing that his team isn’t playing up to the level he needs for his approach to be as successful as it has to?

These are all the emotions and thoughts I’ve had running through my head over the last 10 hours. Sleep was a no-go. I hope you all fared better than me overnight.

But anyways, let’s continue the conversation. I’m sure there’s plenty to be said and expressed.

And now for today’s links.

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