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Justin Herbert drops slightly, remains entrenched in top 10 of QB rankings

Two interceptions are an easy way to lose ground.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

After another rough performance in Denver, Justin Herbert saw his stock drop slightly in CBS Sports’ latest quarterback power rankings. After a two-interception performance — his third on the year — Herbert only dropped one spot, falling from five to six in author Cody Benjamin’s list.

Against another elite, defensive-minded coach, the Chargers offense struggled early and often. Their first two drives ended in three-and-outs and they were a big-time third-down conversion away from beginning a game with three-straight such drives for the first time in the Herbert era.

Herbert still managed to end the day with 303 passing yards and two scores. Unfortunately, those numbers weren’t goo enough to make up for two-ill timed interceptions, one of which honestly wasn’t his fault.

In his article, Benjamin mentions that he believes Herbert is being asked to do too much on a team that is incapable of running the football to relieve some pressure off their stud passer. This is actually pretty accurate, except I’d throw in the fact that the defense has been pretty bad on third downs as of late and haven’t really been all that disruptive overall. The pass rush is a bit more lively, but the secondary is nowhere near being in a place where they can be relied up to consistently make plays.

Overall, I’m still of the firm belief that Herbert is doing everything in his power to make this team a winner. He cannot help it if his players drop passes at a league-high rate and his defense lays down far too often.

Lastly, I’ll leave you all with this thread below from The Athletic’s Nate Tice. He recently went over the film from the Chargers-Broncos game and has several takeaways from his viewing.


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