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Chargers manage above-average game grade vs. Vikings

Not sure how the Bolts weren’t grade worse.

Chargers Vikings at SoFi Stadium

The Chargers played yet another flawed game of football on both sides of the ball against the Vikings this Sunday and they’re honestly lucky to been have graded as high as they were for their performance. According to CBS Sports’ John Breech, the Bolts earned a “B-” in their latest loss on the year.

“The Chargers’ defense was on the field for more than 36 minutes in this game and it definitely started to show in the second half. Starting midway through the third quarter, the Vikings were able to move the ball at will and that includes Minnesota’s final possession of the game. If the Chargers had been able to get a stop, the L.A. offense would have had a chance to tie things up, but instead, the Chargers let the Minnesota offense walk all over them with a 10-play, 4:36 drive.

The defense has been so bad this season that the offense doesn’t really have any margin for error and it’s definitely showing. Herbert threw an interception against the Vikings and L.A. is now 1-4 in games where he throws a pick. The Chargers had a chance to take over sole possession of first place, but they blew it.”

That final remark regarding the Chargers’ win-loss record in games where Herbert throws a pick is pretty staggering. And to be honest, I’m not surprised. Every game this year has felt like there’s been zero room for error. Aside from the Raiders game, the Chargers haven’t “handily” beat anyone. And according to the numbers above from Breech, Herbert has to be perfect in every game or the team is going to have a pretty rough go of things. That’s not what you want to build around your young quarterback. I bet Herbert would like to be able to play somewhat loosely knowing the defense or run game will be able to support him if necessary.

Unfortunately, that scenario looks to be another year or so down the road barring some unforeseen turnaround.