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Broncos trade All-Pro EDGE Von Miller to Rams for 2 draft picks

The Rams are showing everyone the definition of “all in.”

NFL: New York Jets at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

We don’t touch on a lot of non-Chargers news here but I’m sure you all would agree that this piece of breaking news is quite the bombshell in regards to the AFC West.

On Tuesday morning, NFL insider Adam Schefter reported that the Broncos are trading All-Pro edge rusher Von Miller to the Rams in exchange for a pair of day-two picks in next year’s draft. Miller will now join a defense that already includes several other All-Pro players in Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey.

The rich just keep getting richer, I guess.

A move like this doesn’t necessarily shift any sort of power amidst the divisional teams, but it does make the games against the Broncos all the more easier. Miller was one of their last stars remaining on defense aside from safety Justin Simmons. Now, Simmons might as well be Will Smith at the end of Fresh Prince when he’s pacing around the empty house.

If there’s one big positive we can take from this move, however, it’s that Storm Norton will have a much easier time during the team’s two pending contests against Denver.