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Kyle Brandt has had enough of the jokes towards the Chargers

Thank you, Mr. Brandt.

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Enough is enough.

Ever since the move, the jokes, pokes, and zingers coming in from all directions have been non-stop. Even those who wouldn’t think twice about the Chargers on a regular basis love to take shots at a team that happens to be in an unorthodox situation compared to whichever team they call their own.

“The Chargers have no fans.”

“They can’t hold a lead in the fourth quarter.”

“They only play away games.”

These are so old and worn out at this point. What? Do you really think whatever joke you’re about to make regarding the Chargers’ lack of identity in Los Angeles hasn’t already been done before? You think you’re that clever that you just came up with the quip of the year?

Get real.

It’s time for the rest of the NFL to cut the s*** and let it die.

But don’t just listen to what I have to say about it — which is a lot — take it from Good Morning Football’s Kyle Brandt who is also owning up to his own past actions and calling for the end of the ongoing Charger hate.

I suggest taking a moment to watch the three-minute video right here.

Brandt does a good job of laying out all of the context as to why the Chargers aren’t hitting the ground running when it comes to establishing an ideal fan base. There’s already a ton of old Raiders fans and plenty of Rams fans in the area. There’s also plenty of transplants from around the country.

It simply wasn’t going to work out the way team ownership wanted. There was a zero percent chance the Chargers were going to land in Los Angeles and immediately have a fan base that could fill up their shared stadium. Impossible. Not a sliver of a chance. The only thing that was going to change things for the team was to win games. Lots of them.

While that plan has been up-and-down the past few seasons, the start to the Brandon Staley era looks promising and that’s about as much as the fan base could ask for at the moment.

Seriously, we should all thank Mr. Brandt for saying something that has long gone unsaid for far too long.