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Chris Harris Jr named NFLPA Community MVP for week 8

Chris Harris Jr spreading some much needed good in the LA community

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As part of the NFLPA’s commitment to giving back, each week they recognize a player from the league for doing exceptional good in their hometown or local community.

This week, the Los Angeles Chargers’ own Chris Harris Jr has been selected as the Community MVP.

It’s always refreshing to see NFL Players taking it upon themselves to go out and do things like this for their community, especially during the season. The Chargers had a bye week this week and Harris Jr spent some of that time, when he could just be resting or spending time with his family to go out and make sure at least some of the homeless in LA felt cared about and could improve their own health and safety with some proper clothing and the ability to clean up a bit.

Well done to CHJ for taking the time to do that and well done to the NFLPA for highlighting good deeds like this done by the players.

As part of being selected as the Community MVP, the NFLPA will be donating $10K to a charity of Harris Jr’s choice.