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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Packers vs. Cardinals

Let’s get ready for a good one!

Houston Texans v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

I hope you’re all ready for some high-class football on this Thursday night.

It’s the 6-1 Packers going up against the 7-0 Cardinals in the desert. In fact, the combined win-loss record of both teams is the highest we’ve ever seen for a Thursday night game in the month of October, or later, ever.

Even without star wide receiver Davante Adams, you can still expect a shootout as long as Aaron Rodgers is still slinging the ball around for Green Bay. Luckily for Kyler Murray, his top target, DeAndre Hopkins, will be available despite growing concerns this week that that may not be the case by tonight.

Enjoy the game, have some fun, and we’ll see ya’ll tomorrow!