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SB Nations Reacts: Chargers fans are as confident as ever following bye week

The Bolt fam isn’t losing faith despite their last game performance.

Chargers vs Cleveland Browns in Inglewood, CA.

SB Nation Reacts are back, baby!

Every week, we’ve been taking the temperature of the fan base to get a real-time look at how emotions and feelings towards this team are changing on a week-by-week basis. So far, things have stayed pretty consistent. The only week in which 100 percent of participants did NOT say they were confident in the team was back in week three when the team was coming off their first loss of the year to the Cowboys.

Even after the lopsided loss to the Ravens, fans were still very confident in the direction of the franchise.

For this week, we asked you all if you’re still of the belief that the Chargers the team to beat this year in the AFC West. According to 100 percent of those who took the survey, they certainly are.

It’s nice to see that despite the Raiders seeing legitimate success this year, we’re all in agreement that the AFC West is still the Chargers’ to lose.

Heading into Halloween weekend, the Chargers are 5.5 point favorites over the New England Patriots according to DraftKings Sportsbook, so clearly oddsmakers have faith in our team too.

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