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Justin Herbert drops slightly in QB power rankings

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Baltimore Ravens Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Every week, I like to keep you all updated about where the Chargers young stars are placing among various power rankings across the media landscape. While they don’t mean all that much in the grand scheme of things, I still think it’s fun to see where the rest of the NFL pundits view these rising players.

Today, we’re throwing it back to CBS Sports and their weekly power rankings of the top quarterbacks in the league which are done by NFL writer Cody Benjamin.

As we should have expected, Justin Herbert saw a minor dip this week but managed to stay within the top-10 despite a pretty floundering performance against the Ravens.

“The Chargers aren’t always doing him a ton of favors,” says Benjamin, “but he’s still producing at a high clip, save for an uncharacteristically bad loss to Baltimore.”

Herbert managed just 195 yards on 23-of-39 passing with a single touchdown and interception. Overall, he looked flustered and hurried from the first whistle until the last. In all honesty, it was the most “rookie-like” he’s looked since last year’s 45-0 throttling by the Patriots. In a post-game presser, Herbert admitted that the Ravens brought a number of pressure looks that the Chargers had not seen before. If true, then it makes sense that the offensive line seemingly had no answers to their games.

Everyone — and I mean everyone — has the occasional bad game. Even the top quarterbacks in the league like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady have their off nights, so this should not be a massive cause for concern. Now, if the team looks just as clueless against the Patriots on Halloween, then I think we’ll all be justified in freaking out to some degree.