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Chargers will take their ‘F’ and keep it moving

No use wallowing on this one.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not sure what else Chargers fans could have expected after Sunday’s performance.

I do a little write up about CBS Sport’s weekly game grades handed out by NFL writer John Breech every week because I enjoy expanding the conversation by providing views and thoughts from other sources about this team, whether they’re doing well or not so well (like yesterday!).

It should come as no surprise that after the Chargers were routed by the Ravens 34-6, CBS Sports’ John Breech slapped a fat “F” down on the Chargers’ desk. In a game where there was little to no silver lining, how can you really argue anything else?

“As dominant as Baltimore was, that’s how poorly Los Angeles played,” Breech said. “The Ravens’ defense decided to attack Justin Herbert throughout the afternoon, taking him off his spots and affecting his throws enough where he couldn’t improvise down the field. Herbert missed Mike Williams on a deep post on the Chargers’ first drive and the offense snowballed from there. He also had no help in the running game as Los Angeles rushed for just 26 yards and 2.2 yards per carry (Herbert was the leading rusher with 12).”

“Los Angeles also has a problem with its run defense, allowing the aging Baltimore running backs to control the game on the ground. The pass rush was able to slow down Lamar Jackson getting off deep passes, but that didn’t matter when they couldn’t stop the run. The Ravens’ offensive line bullied the Chargers front seven all afternoon. The Chargers just didn’t seem ready for a prime matchup against an AFC power outside of their division.”

I usually add my own two cents in these little blurbs, but I don’t think I need to this week. Breech hit all the major points on the head. Their trench players bullied the Chargers’ trench players. Their skill position players got open when they needed to and the same couldn’t be said for L.A.’s.

This game, in all it’s entirety, was a bonafide tail-whipping. We just have to hope the team can keep themselves in the right state of mind and use this as the necessary fuel and motivation to turn the ship back in the right direction.