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Browns make bad history in 47-42 loss to Chargers

No team has ever lost with 500+ yards offense while scoring 40+ points.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Los Angeles Chargers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers knew they were going to get all they could handle when the Browns came to town. With the 29th-ranked run defense, the Bolts knew they could have a really long day against the NFL’s top-rushing unit.

Unsurprisingly, everything the Chargers expected to get hit with happened, but this team — this team that’s obviously not your father’s Chargers team — found a way to compete until the very end and pull out a 47-42 victory.

The Browns truly did give the Chargers everything. Cleveland recorded 531 yards of offense and committed zero turnovers. And yet, they lost. One might ask, “How could that be?”

Well, until today, it never was.

Before Sunday’s game, no team in NFL history had ever recorded over 500 yards of offense, scored over 40 points with zero turnovers, and lost. Including playoffs, those teams were 463-0-0.

For many Chargers fans, they’re used to being on the other side of a situation like this. Usually, it’s the Bolts who are making history in the worst way.

But not today. Not today, indeed.