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Melvin Ingram: ‘This s*** gonna be special’

The veteran was as candid as ever discussing the Chargers defense — and his music.

Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Defensive end Melvin Ingram was the first Chargers player to take the podium following Tuesday’s practice and he was unsurprisingly pelted with questions in regard to Derwin James’ recent injury and how the defense is going to move forward without it.

The longtime edge rusher for the Bolts was his usual self. He spoke from the heart and straight to the point. He’s always been one to say how he feels regardless of the situation.

When asked about what he’s done to be there for James during such a low point in his young career, Ingram said he simply went over there to give him a friendly presence, stating that James is “a professional” and “a strong-minded person.”

“This is just another chapter in his story which is going to make the story so much better in the end.”

The loss of James for the year is not going be shaken off lightly. He does just about everything on the field when he’s healthy and the Chargers don’t have a one-for-one replacement — and neither does the rest of the NFL — but Ingram remains confident that the Bolts’ has the makings to be one of the best in the league.

Ingram said his “hat goes off” to general manager Tom Telesco and the rest of the front office staff for being able to sign players like Chris Harris Jr. and Linval Joseph.

“It could be amazing,” gushed Ingram. “Chris Harris is one of the best in this business and he’s been doing this for a long time ... and Linval ... he speaks for himself. That’s a player that, when you add that into this defense, this shit gon’ be real. It’s gon’ be special.”

With such devastating news for the Chargers just barely in the rearview mirror, it is refreshing to hear Ingram’s vote of confidence in his unit still so strong. A lot of the fan base may have to take a page out of his book if they want to learn how to get through a Derwin-less season as quick and painless as possible.