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Zero Chargers opt-out prior to deadline

All 80 players are ready and able heading into the start of training camp.

Los Angeles Chargers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

It’s officially 4:13pm ET as I’m starting this article which means that today’s deadline for players to opt-out of the 2020 NFL season has officially come and gone.

If you’re Anthony Lynn, you’ve got to be smiling. Somehow, some way, you’ve managed to retain your entire initial 80-man roster while also finding yourself with zero positive tests of Covid-19 at the same time. In fact, the Chargers are just one of three clubs - joining the Falcons and Steelers - as the only three teams to have 100% of their players “opt-in.”

Even in a hotbed state like California, the Chargers were able to defeat the odds. In Anthony Lynn’s recent Zoom calls with the media, he’s repeated sentiments involving how this team must battle both Covid-19 and the opponents on their schedule. So far, they’ve done an exceptional job keeping that first enemy at bay.

To echo Joey Bosa’s thoughts from his call on Monday, “I think the most-responsible team is the one that wins.” As long as the Chargers continue this level of responsibility, they’ll be able to mitigate unnecessary outside risks and allow their talent on the field to be determining factor in their 2020 win-loss record.