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Derwin James out 6-8 months following surgery to repair meniscus

There’s no words to describe the pain of this loss.

Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

As we’ve come to learn, over and over again, everything bad that can happen, will happen.

In true 2020 fashion, the Chargers’ star safety Derwin James is reportedly set to miss six to eight months following surgery to repair the meniscus injury he sustained in Sunday’s scrimmage.

There was no shortage of optimism among the fan base when it was reported that there could be a chance for James to miss just four weeks if the necessary surgery was to simply clean up the tear. However, the expected timetable for his return suggests that they will have to completely repair the damaged ligament.

After missing 11 games in 2019 due to a freak foot injury, James will have to miss the entire 2020 season. After being named a First-Team All-Pro as a rookie, James will have now played just five games through the proceeding two seasons.

Prayers up for a speedy recovery, DJ.