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Melvin Ingram is practicing today

The veteran seems to have made progress with his “hold-in”.

Minnesota Vikings v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Rob Leiter via Getty Images

After a stressful week for Chargers fans, Melvin Ingram is finally back in pads today and looks to be a full-participant in practice.

Over the last few days, speculation has swirled about the real reason behind Ingram’s absence in pads, with most coming to the conclusion that he’s unhappy with his current contract status that doesn’t guarantee any of his base salary which is worth $14 million.

While it may be part of the team’s highest cap hit in 2020, none of that likely mattered to Ingram if there was a chance he he’d see none of it. Understandably then, Ingram commenced a “hold-in” by being ready and available in the building without actually participating in practices.

With him back on the field, there’s a good chance Ingram and his people made some progress towards their ultimate goal and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear some sort of news on the matter in the coming hours.